Lumbermill How-to

Step 1. Start Lumbermill

You can start Lumbermill either by executing "java -jar lib/lumbermill.jar" from the command line, or by executing the appropriate script for your platform from the bin directory ("bin/" for *nix or "bin/lumbermill.bat" for Windows).

Step 1

Step 2. Select File >> Save Client Config

The next step is to save a client configuration file for the application that you want to watch.

Step 2

Step 3. Select a File to Save As

The application will ask where you'd like to save the configuration file, and will suggest a default of conf/client.lcf.

Step 3

Step 4. Correct Your IP Address If Necessary

Lumbermill will attempt to autodetect your IP address. Correct it if necessary.

Step 4

Step 5. Restart Your Client Application

You should wind up with a client.lcf that looks something like the following. Restart your client application, using this file as the configuration for Log4j.
      log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, LogServer

Step 6. There is no Step 6

Your client should now be configured to send it's log events to Lumbermill. If it's not working, you can submit a bug report at SourceForge, try fixing it yourself (patch submissions welcome!), or wait for the next revision.

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